About Us

Spike Enterprise, Inc., was established in April of 1987 by Dan and Debbie Spicer. Spike was originally a solids control rental company. The term "solids control" describes a service provided in the oil well drilling industry. Spike would design, operate, lease and service many different types of solids control equipment, specifically decanting bowl centrifuges. This equipment is used to clean sand, silts, clays, shale, and other contaminates from the drilling fluid (drilling mud) while the drilling operation is in progress. This type of work has given Spike the opportunity to look at many different types of equipment, chemical processes, environmental working conditions, and 24 hours continuous operation.

Spike is still currently working in the drilling industry in the solids control business, but in 1990 Spike elected to expand our services to other industries. The other industries and fields we have expanded to are the oil refining industry, the municipal wastewater treatment facilities, chemical production facilities, electrical power generating stations, and more. Spike found that the technology that we have developed and our ability to be flexible on our site approach, gives us a distinct advantage in the above mentioned fields. Some examples of the different types of services we offer are as follows:


  • Crude Storage Tank Cleaning
  • Stormwater Basin & Lagoon Cleaning
  • Calcium Fluoride Neutralization Basin Cleaning
  • Cooling Tower Cleaning
  • API Separator Cleaning
  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities Cleaning
  • Slop Oil Tanks Cleaning
  • Spent Caustic Tank Cleaning
  • Cleaning Ditches, Fire Stops, Road Crossings Cleaning


  • Chemically flocculate, centrifuge, and dewater sludge to give you a dryer cake that can be disposed of at a more economic method. This operation will reduce the volume that many wastewater facilities are currently having to haul off in liquid form.
  • Dewatering and cleaning services for retention ponds, aeration ponds, lagoons, digesters, clarifiers, etc.


  • Cleaning and dewatering sludges from cooling towers.
  • Cleaning any type of holding ponds, wash down ponds, stormwater basins, ash lagoons and water treatment facilities.

Spike Enterprise, Inc. has developed a philosophy of being innovative in our system design and operations. This has allowed Spike to design both one time clean-up operations and ongoing projects that are site specific and very cost effective. Spike looks at every clean-up situation on a case by case basis. This allows us to develop a scope of work that will be the most effective for the customer.

Spike Enterprise, Inc., places our highest priority on the safety of our personnel and the environment they are working in. All of our site supervisors and equipment operators are 40 hour hazwopper trained. Spike also has additional training for specific jobs and materials we could encounter at the job site. Our personnel have worked with a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous materials and environments. Our personnel are trained in confined space entry, lock-out and tag-out procedures, and self contained breathing apparatus use; this is a must when wanting to provide a full line service company to the client.